Nightfall in Pooler: Many Stores are Open

Pooler CollageAs we near project close, several major retailers are open for business, including PetSmart, Kirkland’s, Hibbett and Rack Room Shoes. We anticipate that Michael’s will open on the 30th of this month, with T.J. Maxx following on April 27th and Ross Dress for Less in July. 

Petsmart/Kirklands Are Open

Pooler Collage 1 Pooler Collage 2

This week, we are really seeing the project come together. Petsmart and Kirkland’s are open for business, and final punch lists for Michaels, Ross and T.J. Maxx are  being worked through. Hibbets and Rack Room have almost completed their tenant finishes.

In Shops 1,  contractors for Kay’s Jewelers,  Palm Beach Tan, GameStop and GNC have started their build out.We are still waiting on permit for vanilla box in suite E.

In Shops 2, contractors for Legacy Nails, Sprint, Marble Slab Creamery and B&G Burgers are starting their build outs.  We have completed the Pad B building, and contractors for Aspen Dental and Vision Eyecare have started their build outs.  All paving and landscaping has been completed.

Buildouts Progressing Nicely

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We’ve made quite a bit of progress and clean up over the weekend, the Village on Pooler Parkway is getting closer to its final incarnation. PetSmart is the closest store to completion; They are now stocking shelves.

At Michael’s and Ross Dress for Less and T.J. Maxx, our crews have completed exterior paint, and thin brick grouting/cleaning is in progress. Retail shops4, 5 & 6, now have EIFS complete and exterior lights installed. Interior space is starting to shape up.

Elsewhere around the site, buildouts are progressing nicely. The Public Works punch list is being addressed, and paving and landscaping are moving ahead.


Interior Work in Progress

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Around the Village on Pooler Parkway, we’re seeing great progress both inside and outside the structures. At Petsmart, our team has installed storefront and auto doors, and is working on drywall tape and fill in progress. Electrical transformer and panel installation is in progress. Inside Michael’s, crews are starting to paint on the sales floor. The conveyor has been delivered and is ready for installation.

Exterior parapet forming is in progress at Ross Dress for Less, along with hurricane shutter door installation, interior framing and MEP rough-in. Down the way at T.J. Maxx, all tilt panels have been erected, and our team began excavation for the loading dock. Backfill of tilt up walls is moving along nicely.

Elsewhere onsite, ongoing activities include fascia and soffit framing, interior framing, installation of underground plumbing, light gauge framing, curb and gutter and decking steel structure.

Ready for Landscaping

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We’ve been busier than ever at The Village on Pooler Parkway, watching the site take more shape. At Petsmart & Michaels, interior framing and drywall installation is in progress. Our team has completed steel erection at Ross, and roofing installation is moving ahead. Buildings 4-5-6 are in the steel erection phase as well.

The underslab plumbing has been installed and inspected on Outparcel 1-A building. The installation gas line to the site and to each space is in progress. Landscaping is starting today.

Tilt-Up Walls Continue to Rise

Pooler Collage 10-4-13

Work is progressing nicely across the entire site on Pooler Parkway. Our team has completed exterior finish installation at Petsmart. Inside, we are completing the interior furring of the exterior walls with insulation.

We have framed the exterior soffits at Michaels and clad them with plywood. Wall furring is complete, along with electrical, plumbing and framing inspection. Our team is progressing with ductwork, electrical rough-in and wall framing.

We are erecting tilt-up panels at Ross Dress for Less, TJ Maxx and several other retail shops. Masonry work is also progressing at various points around the site. Site flume concrete excavation is in progress.